Classes Offered

Classes Offered

Students will be placed into respective classes depending on age, ability and previous training at the discretion of the faculty. We strongly encourage students to take at least two classes to broaden their dance abilities and discover their interest and talents.


Ballet is the foundation for all dancing. This class will help children develop poise, grace, and balance. Students will progress to pointe with teacher’s guidance and approval.

* Dance attire - black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes. No ballet skirts please. Hair must be secured back away from the face in a bun.


Pre-pointe is designed to strengthen ballet students who wish to advance to pointe. Students must be nine years of age to take pre-pointe. Students must have this class to progress to pointe. This class will not have a dance in the showcase.


Tap will teach children rhythm and is a fun type of dance. We will integrate style into the most basic and advanced tap steps.

* Dance attire - any color and style of dance clothes - we suggest white tap shoes for young students and black tap shoes for older students. T-shirts are not to be worn in dance class.  Please do not wear tap shoes in the hallways.


Jazz is a fun and energetic type of dance. We will work to upbeat popular music and emphasize technique. We will work on strengthening and conditioning as well as learning the latest dance moves.

* Dance attire - any color and style of dance clothes and black jazz shoes are preferred. T-shirts are not to be worn in dance class.

Pre-school (Ages 3, 4, 5)

Pre-school classes are 45 minutes long. The class consists of tap and ballet. They perform only one dance in the showcase either tap or ballet.

* Dance attire for pre-school class consists of a leotard, tights, tap, and ballet shoes (any color). The 3 and 4-year-olds are grouped together in the same class and the 5-year-olds are in a class with only other 5-year-olds.

6 & 7 Combo

The purpose of this class is for students to learn the basic steps in each area of dance - tap and jazz. Once they have mastered the steps from this class they may then choose the area or areas of dance in which they wish to pursue. They will perform one dance in the showcase, either tap or jazz. The 6 & 7 combo class is an hour long.

* Dance attire for the combo class is leotard, tights, ballet, and tap shoes (any color). Jazz shoes are not required for the combo class.

Creative Movement (Age 2)

Creative Movement classes are 30 minutes long. The class emphasizes exploring creativity and introductory dance moves. This class will not perform in the showcase.

* Dance attire for creative movement is dance wear and ballet shoes.


Acro adds a layer of gymnastic technical skill on top of dance skills. The gymnastic techniques that dancers can incorporate into a dance routine may include handstands, cartwheels, and aerials, and progress to advanced skills and partnering.

* Dance attire - any color and style of leotards and dance shorts or unitards are preferred, no shoes are required for this class. T-shirts are not to be worn in acro class.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is an energetic, upbeat type of dance. It evolved from the Hip Hop culture and incorporates elements from Jazz, Rock, and Tap and involves a wide range of body movement.

* Dance attire - any color and style of dance clothes and sneakers are preferred. 



Contemporary dance incorporates elements from many styles and is closely related to modern dance and ballet.

* Dance attire for contemporary is any color/style of fitted dance attire with jazz shoes or foot paws.



Lyrical is a style blending ballet with contemporary and jazz techniques. It is an expressive form of dance that encourages the dancer to explore his/her own creativity.

* Dance attire for lyrical is any color/style of fitted dance attire with jazz shoes or foot paws.

Tiny Tumblers 


Tiny Tumblers classes are 30 minutes long. The class emphasizes exploring creativity and introductory tumbling, balance, and movement skills. 

* Dance attire for tumbling is dance/gymnastic wear.



Now Registering for Winter Classes. Offering tap, jazz, ballet, pointe, acro, lyrical, contemporary, creative movement, hip-hop and preschool.
Winter classes begin January 3. Join us for all the fun!


We are excited to offer a Tiny Tumblers class for ages 3 and 4 as part of our winter schedule. Tiny Tumblers is a fun and positive introduction to tumbling and acro. This class will develop confidence, strength, balance and awareness!

We encourage your preschooler to join us for an introductory class this winter. Contact the office for more information or to register!