Our Staff

Traylor P McDonald Michelle

Patricia Traylor
(Ballet Director)

Michelle McDonald
(Pre-school, Jazz, Acro)
Apryl Murphy
Maggie Judah
(Hip Hop, Contemporary)
Claire Callaway
Sanders R Ziegler A dancer  
Amy Chaplin
(Office Manager)
Robyn Sanders
(Office Assistant, Tiny Tumblers)
Alison Ziegler
(Office Assistant, Pre-school)
Joy Spears
 (Hip Hop)
Carol Salter
(Ballet, Pointe)
Haley McDonald
Mallory Butler
b mcnew By night, Brian is the Business Manager at the studio. By day, Parsons, employs him as a Systems Analyst. He graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. Brian later earned a Master of Science degree in Management with a concentration in Information Systems from Florida Institute of Technology.
Brian McNew
(Business Manager)